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We have covered from short distance small transportation to long and big one. For them, from small tracks to giant trailers are ready to run.

â—†Covered districts
Daily covered districts Shikoku, Kyusyu, Tokai, Tokyo,
Spot covered districts Whole Japan,

Our Vehicles
Big Vehicles
Tractors 3
Trailers 2
Wing-trucks 17
Flat-deck tracksExpanded-trucks 1
10t Wing-trucks 7
Middle-size Vehicles
8t flat-trucks 1
6t wing-trucks 3
6t flat-deck -trucks 5
6t trucks with crane 1
4t wing-trucks 12
4t flat-trucks 4
Tank trucks 5
Little-size Vehicles
2t Open-decks 29
2t flat-deck tracks 38
K-size Vehicles
K-size trucks 10
Over 1t counters 17 Under 1t counters 6
Reach-machines 6 Side-machines 1
Picking-machines 3 -  
Vehicles for work at height
Vehicles for work at height 1