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Environment Statement
Hayashida Logistics was certified ISO14001 Environment Management System on September 2009. We declared that with staying as an earth-friendly company we contribute for the society and environment.

○We create green-contentedness.
○We keep less consumption of energy.
○We keep less consumption of
○We care environment always.

All we focus on being good for the environment.
◆Certification ISO14001
Environmental management system examination registration document
Book attached to the environmental management system examination registration
Applicable Standard IS0 14001:2004/ JIS Q 14001:2004
Registry Number 09ER・784
Date 2009 Sep.11
Range of Application 1.All Transportation, Delivery and Moving
2.Delivery Depo Management
3.Aluminum sash assembling and packaging
Range of Facility
Company : 4285-198 Hayashida-cho Sakaide-shi Kagawa-ken
Oh-yabu Business Facility : 2577-214 Oh-yabu-cho Sakaide-shi Kagawa-ken
Finished product center : 4285-187 Hayashida-cho Sakaide-shi Kagawa-ken